Life with HIV is possible!

Понедельник, 23 Октябрь 2023 00:00
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Hello, I am Khadija! I am 32 years old and I have two wonderful children. In 2016, a tragedy occurred - my husband, who had returned from work migration, suddenly passed away from an unknown illness. It was a shock for me and it seemed like the world lost its light and joy. But fate decided to test me even further. After his death, I was sent for testing at the HIV Center, and it turned out that my husband had died from HIV and had infected me as well. I felt like my life was falling apart and I had the desire to give up. However, I decided to fight. I started visiting the HIV Center and talking to peer counselors who helped me overcome pain and fear. There, I met other women who were also living with HIV. Their stories inspired me and gave me hope for a better future. I became actively involved in trainings and support groups at Non-Governmental Organizations. There, I gained not only valuable knowledge about HIV but also found support and understanding. These meetings became a source of strength and inspiration for me.

In 2018, I had the opportunity to learn the profession of a tailor through a project. I eagerly embarked on the journey of learning about the world of fashion and garment creation. My perseverance and talent were noticed, and I started working as a tailor. With each passing day, I became better and better at my craft. My work was in demand, and I was able to provide a decent future for my family. I became confident and independent.

But most importantly, I did not forget to share my experience and inspiration with other women living with HIV. I tell them, "Life with HIV is possible! We are no different from other women. We have the strength and potential to be full-fledged members of society. Don't give up, fight, and strive for a happy and fulfilling life!"

Today, with a sincere smile on my face, I continue to share my story and pursue my successful tailoring business. My success story proves that life with HIV can be full of joy and opportunities.

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